Protect Against Fawn Scours

Optimizer Fawn Gel

Cost per fawn is $1.25 (5cc per application)

An exciting new product that combines everything that a new born fawn needs to fend off fawn scours. Each 5cc dose of Optimizer Fawn Gel combines 8 billion lactic acid bacteria and antibodies to provide protection against leading causes of fawn scours.

All Profits from orders will be donated to Whitetails of Wisconsin.


Testimony by Gary Jacobson...

"Overall we had a pretty good and healthy crop of fawns, especially given the awful weather. It rained so much that it was July before we could even get our first crop of hay in! So these fawns were subjected to all the things that normally take its toll on fawn mortality. In general we had about our best fawn crop ever, from the standpoint of internal medicine."

Testimony by Eddie Gingerich, Readstown, WI...

"I used the Optimizer Gel for the first time on all of my newborn fawns last year.  The year prior to using the Optimizer Gel, my fawns had Clostridium issues and I lost quite a few of them.  Last year, the only thing I gave my fawns was the Optimizer Gel and it made a world of difference.  It was my heathiest fawn crop ever."

Testimony by Laurie Seale from Maple Hill Farms...
"Last spring, I wrote an article for the Whitetails of Wisconsin newsletter on newborn fawn health. I mentioned a new product I planned to try on my farm called "Optimizer Gel". I was looking for a product that could provide more antibodies to my newborn fawns.

The salesman sold me on the product when he said he no longer needed to vaccinate his adult cows prior to calving because the Optimizer Gel worked so well in providing extra anti bodies to his calves over and above the antibodies they received from their mother's colostrum. He was no longer having scour issues with his calves.

I used the new product on all my newborn fawns in 2014 and was extremely satisfied with the results. Although the product did not completely eliminate all my fawn scour issues, it did eliminate approximately 90% of them. I had very few sick fawns last year and plan to use the Optimizer Gel again this year.

I gave each fawn 5cc's of the gel product within the first 12 hours of birth. The cost was less than $1.50 per fawn making it one of the cheapest preventive products I have ever found for my newborn fawns. I highly recommend using this all natural product to keep your newborns as healthy as possible.

There will be a more detailed article on this product in the Whitetails of Wisconsin spring newsletter so stay tuned for more information on why extra antibodies are necessary in your program."



Easy to Use:

  • Total protection in one easy to use dial-a-dose tube
  • 20X Stronger and 20X more effective than any product on the market
  • Only the best strains of microbial bacteria used
  • Including the patented Enterococcus M74 and the new Optimizer anitbodies
  • Everything a new born fawn needs to fend off fawn scours

Guaranteed anitbody levels against:

  • Bovine Rotavirus (BRV)
  • Bovine corona virus (BCV)
  • Pricine rotatus (SwRV)
  • Escherichia coli K99 (F5)
  • Escherichia coli K88 (F4)
  • Escherichia coli 987P (F6)
  • Escherichia coli F18

Directions of Use: Fawns:

  • Administer 5cc of gel orally to fawns on back of the tongue. Adjust the dial on the plunger to the proper amount and remove the cap. Depress plunger to eject the proper amount of gel.


Single 80cc tube
$20.00 each
Case of 24 - 80cc tubes
$408.00 per case
($17.00 each)
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Laurie Seale
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